Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy Launches New Online Course for Teens

Vancouver, British Columbia – Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy (FFSA), a leading online screenwriting school, announced that they would be launching a new online mentorship program for teens in October, Screenwriting for Teens. The course is designed to teach teens the fundamentals of screenwriting, from character development and plot structure to dialogue and formatting. With a demand for more family-friendly and faith-based content in the North American market, the program will fill a gap that is missing in the industry.

“Not all storytellers are drawn to write books”, says Co-Director of Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy, Jaclyn Whitt. “Some stories are better delivered on a screen. But screenwriting and how to break into the industry can be a mystery at times. That’s where we come in. We want to raise up the next generation of screenwriters and get back to making good movies that are clever, intelligent, humorous, and captivating.”

Jaclyn Whitt, award-winning screenwriter and Co-Director of FFSA and former homeschool mom herself has developed the curriculum and teaches the classes. Whitt has won over 30 screenwriting awards and has 3 features in pre-production and a sitcom currently in production. Her feature screenplay, Solitary Refinement, has won 13 awards in 7 different countries.

The course is taught in a live online format, which allows students to interact with Whitt and their classmates. Students will also have access to a private online forum where they can ask questions, get feedback on their work, and connect with other aspiring screenwriters. Other features of the mentorship program include:

  • Students develop their own story ideas
  • Can be used as part of a homeschool curriculum
  • All teachers and mentors are professional screenwriters
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in the film industry
  • All content and assignments are approached from a family-friendly perspective

The Screenwriting for Teens mentorship program is open to students ages 15-25. The course is currently open for enrollment, and the course closely follows the traditional school calendar. The first session begins on October 3rd,  and runs through May 2024, providing weekly educational and mentorship classes.

For more information or to enroll, please visit

About Family Friendly Screenwriting: The goal of Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy is to help find and showcase quality writing to raise the standard of scriptwriting in the Family Friendly film genre and help launch and advance screenwriting careers. New and experienced writers can take screenwriting classes and workshops, enter screenwriting contests and festivals, or hire a script consultant.

There is a growing demand for family-friendly films. The market is crying out for more conservative yet still compelling content. Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy believes that when writers see growth both in their level of writing and in their opportunities, they’re able to provide content the market is begging for.

Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy can help you get affordable feedback from other writers and learn techniques from professional instructors that you can immediately use to refine your script, increase your writing skills, and advance your career.

Learn more about Family Friendly Screenwriting at 

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