Michelle Jewsbury Launches New Mission to Empower Individuals to Share Their Unique Stories

Renowned Advocate Transitions from Sharing Her Journey to Guiding Others in Discovering and Telling Their Narratives

Tampa, FL  – Michelle Jewsbury, celebrated advocate, inspirational speaker, and founder of Unsilenced Voices, is excited to announce the expansion of her mission to empower even more individuals worldwide to share their stories. Inspired by her personal journey, Jewsbury is dedicated to helping individuals discover and share their unique stories, regardless of their life’s journey and purpose. Jewsbury’s journey has inspired countless individuals, and her new mission promises to amplify this impact. 

Jewsbury is passionate about the transformative power of storytelling. In her new role, she is drawing on her extensive experience to guide and support individuals in crafting and sharing their narratives, whether for publication or sharing on a stage. Jewsbury is eager to collaborate with those who feel compelled to share their journeys, whether they involve overcoming adversity, celebrating achievements, or exploring personal growth. By helping others tell their stories, she aims to create a ripple effect of understanding and empowerment, fostering a community of diverse and powerful voices.

“Every person has a unique story that deserves to be told,” said Jewsbury. “I am committed to helping individuals feel empowered to share their story in a safe environment where we explore their narratives without shame or embarrassment, and then work together on the best way to share their story with the world. Our organization has always been about fostering a sense of connection and understanding, and we’re opening up a platform where storytelling can be used as a powerful tool for personal growth and community building.”

Jewsbury’s new direction marks a significant chapter in her advocacy work. In addition to founding Unsilenced Voices, an organization supporting survivors of domestic violence, Jewsbury is a personal development coach who teaches people how to share their messages through book publishing, public speaking, in the classroom, or on camera.

Jewsbury’s new focus on helping others tell their stories exponentially expands the impact that Unsilenced Voices has already created. Empowering others to tell their stories, in an environment rooted in empathy and authenticity, will bring even more people together and inspire change.

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About Michelle Jewsbury

Michelle Jewsbury is an advocate, inspirational speaker, and author dedicated to empowering individuals to discover and share their unique stories. She is the founder of Unsilenced Voices, an organization supporting survivors of domestic violence, and a personal development coach who guides people in sharing their messages through book publishing, public speaking, creating courses and content, and launching, growing, or building a nonprofit organization. As a sought-after speaker, Michelle captivates audiences with her powerful narratives and insights, encouraging others to harness the power of their own stories. Her work focuses on the transformative power of storytelling and the connections that emerge from sharing one’s journey.

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