Empowering Women to Join the NFT Boom, Dorci Lyn is Leading by Example With Her Web2/Web3 Movement

Houston, TX–Dorci Lyn is creating a Web2/Web3 movement that is more than NFTs. Introducing the Pixie and Poopsie NFT project. It’s a community-driven project with the goal of harmonizing the hustle culture and being the business and life resource that helps you create healthy, happy, and fun life habits that are lasting. There is a mix of business, lifestyle, mind/body/spirit resources, and experts within the Poo-ville ecosystem. 

“We turn confusion and chaos into a community!” exclaimed founder Dorci Lyn. “It’s a safe place to be uniquely you, find your account-abilla-buddy, and create the dreams you believe in that others think are crazy.” This woman-led project includes 11,111 NFTs, and the first mint will be a FREE mint on October 27, 2022, with Poopsie (aka a poop emoji character) as the first collection drop. They will also offer special airdrops before Halloween for those who mint an NFT and hold it.

Representing the 5% of women in NFTs, The Pixie and Poopsie NFT Project is demystifying the NFT industry and marketplace for women creators, coaches, service providers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you come into Pixie and Poopsie’s world as a business owner, stay-at-home parent, or budding entrepreneur, you realize that you’re not alone and there are people who speak your language – whether you’re crypto curious or crypto competent. 

“You’ll go far working on your dreams by yourself,” says Lyn. “You’ll go farther and faster with your tribe! We’ve made it easy to come into the Web3/NFT space with fewer steps, less confusion, and little-to-no drama. You’ve made it here — that’s already a big win in my book and a step in the right direction! Now is the time to create and build the future together.”

About the Pixie and Poopsie NFT Project: Pixie and Poopsie is an NFT community-driven project that is offering a FREE mint (just pay gas fees), allowing everyone an equal opportunity to come into the NFT/Web3 space and learn it without having to go through a lot of hoops merely to join a project with like-minded people.

Find out more about the community and how to get your own personal Poopsie by joining the FREE MINT allow list (aka the Poop-List!), following them on Twitter, or visiting their website at

About Dorci Lyn: Dorci Lyn holds a B.S. in Biology and an A.A. in Applied Arts. She’s America’s Giggle Buddy and the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of the Pixie and Poopsie NFT project. Dorci Lyn is a lifelong learner, seeker, and educator who realized early on that she possessed a unique ability to connect education with fun. Dorci believes that you can go far on your own, but you can go farther and faster with friends. Dorci works and plays in Houston, TX.

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