Unleash Your Potential & More Profits at Financial Fire LIVE: The Ultimate Transformation Experience for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

New York, NY –  Jessa Carter, CEO and visionary founder of the Peaceful Billionaire Institute for Wealth Creation, alongside 10 esteemed industry leaders, are uniting to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs to break through financial barriers and achieve maximum Peace, Passion, and Profits at Financial Fire LIVE. This one-day online event will unveil the top cash flow secrets used by each presenter, ensuring participants make 2024 their most prosperous financial year yet.

Financial Fire LIVE is scheduled for July 12, 2024, from 8 AM to 4 PM PST / 11 AM to 7 PM EST, and will be accessible online at 

With statistics showing that 45% of businesses fail within the first five years, and 20% within the first two, the challenges CEOs and founders face can feel overwhelming. 

Jessa Carter understands the struggle all too well. However, Carter emphasizes that beyond strategic planning, the key to overcoming financial hurdles lies in the psychology and skills known by the leaders of an organization. “Personal and professional development are paramount for the growth and success of any business,” says Carter. 

Financial Fire LIVE offers tangible tools for entrepreneurs to elevate their profitability and success. Having left a lucrative career in Neurosurgery to pursue her purpose, Carter understands the entrepreneurial journey of uncertainty and risk, and the stress and financial strain that can come with it. Through this event, she aims to provide practical tools and strategies to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals without compromising their vision or increasing stress levels. 

Aligned with her mission to revolutionize wealth creation and empower individuals globally, Financial Fire LIVE represents a pivotal moment in Carter’s vision. By leveraging neuroscience and innovation, she endeavors to make time and financial freedom the standard, eliminating stress, overwhelm, and burnout from the entrepreneurial journey.

Following Financial Fire LIVE, Carter remains committed to supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs through various avenues, including group coaching, private mentorship, and luxury transformational retreats.

Learn more about Jessa and her recently released book, The Peaceful Millionaire, and receive a signed copy delivered to your door, at 

To learn more about Financial Fire LIVE and secure your spot at the event, visit

About The Peaceful Billionaire Institute for Wealth Creation: The Peaceful Billionaire Institute for Wealth Creation is a trailblazing enterprise dedicated to leveraging Neuroscience and Innovation to revolutionize wealth creation,  empower individuals, and transform the financial landscape worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to fostering financial freedom and purpose-driven entrepreneurship, The Peaceful Billionaire Institute is dynamically poised to redefine the future of leadership and individual earning power.

About Jessa Carter: Jessa Carter is known as the Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. She is the world’s most highly intuitive Executive Performance Coach and Life and Wealth Mastery Mentor for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders who desire next-level success, wealth, and a life brimming with peace, joy, and fulfillment rather than settling for the typical life of stress and overwhelm.

As the NYC, chair of the Global Leaders Organization, founder of The Peaceful Billionaire Institute for Wealth Creation, and curator of “The Peaceful Billionaire Wealth System,” she excels in re-defining and re-inventing yourself, your life, your business, and your bank accounts to soaring heights that defy logic so that your time on earth is by intentional design, never by default.

Jessa is a maverick of the mind and human-potential pioneer who is on a mission to transform the global financial landscape, make financial freedom the norm, and illuminate 1 million Peaceful Billionaires worldwide.

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