Rebus App Creates a New Revolution for Travelers Using Technology

The new luggage handling app allows travelers to remove the stress of baggage pick up and drop off and fly in comfort.

Denver, CO – For decades, individuals everywhere have accepted travel infrastructure as is. Long lines, untracked luggage, baggage claim, and self-handling of large, bulky luggage. Rebus, a brand new travel/technology app,  aims to solve the issue of checked luggage and all it entails to help ease travel pains. “Having a large family made traveling difficult for my family, and thus, Rebus was born trying to find convenient ways to mitigate this global issue,” said CEO, Aquarious Workman.

Rebus is scheduled to “take off” in mid-2023. Once they receive approval from airport officials, Rebus plans to offer two Flexible Service Options – Pick Up Only or Pick Up and Delivery. The Pick Up Only option will include luggage pick up from your location and luggage check-in at airport departures. Pick Up & Delivery includes luggage pick up from your location, luggage check-in at airport departures, baggage claim collection, and delivery to your destination. All options include the following features of the widely anticipated service:

  • Travel Luggage Free: We manage your bags at airport arrival and/or departure so you can travel stress-free.
  • Book in Advance: Advanced scheduling is available for your convenience.
  • Reliable Service: We provide weight checks, vetted luggage couriers, timely preflight pickup windows, and luggage status updates.
  • Track your Driver: Keep track of your luggage from start to finish.
  • Airline Approved: Integrated with select airlines*, so your experience is seamless.
  • High-Level Security: Security is at our core with technologies to protect users’ info in-app and safety procedures regarding the transport of luggage.

Using the service is as easy as can be. Travelers can opt-in for early access at where they’ll be sent instructions on how to download the Rebus app to their device. After that, all they need to do is follow three simple steps:

  1. ​​Make Booking – Key in the flight booking confirmation number to start the order. This in turn will populate the purchased checked bags info needed to start the Rebus order.
  2. Luggage Collected – Rebus will alert you when your courier has arrived. The driver confirms pickup by scanning your QR code. The driver will then proceed with the pickup procedure, which includes luggage count, weight check, prohibited items acknowledgment, pictures of luggage, and TSA Lock Check.
  3. Luggage Delivered – Luggage is then transported to the airport. Courier presents Rebus ID to airline attendant who verifies. The airline attendant confirms the order and checks the bags in. Rebus will send you an update regarding your check-in status.

About Aquarious Workman: Aquarious Workman, CEO of Rebus, is also Bank of the West VP – Security Architect, working as the Lead Security and Processes Engineer. Workman is constantly expanding his knowledge, as well as the understanding of others on crucial cybersecurity issues and practices.

To learn more about Rebus, visit them online at

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