Liz Wilcox, The “Fresh Princess of Email Marketing,” is Celebrating Her 2-Year Business Anniversary With Style

Orlando, FL – Launched on a whim and with only 100 members in the first 30 days, Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker Liz Wilcox has grown her membership to nearly 3,000 people in just over two years. On February 16th, 2023, the marketing maven affectionately known as The “Fresh Princess of Email Marketing” will celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the popular email program.

Wilcox is best known for selling a blog, turning a $9 offer into multiple six-figures (without ads), and helping you untangle the email “knot” with pop culture references. She loves the 90s, headbands, and the beach.

“Having a membership that serves businesses in over 20 countries with information that small business owners really need to make it to the next level…all for a price that doesn’t break the bank? That has been the best part of creating the Email Marketing Membership. EMM is just $9/month and helps people really understand and implement email marketing in their business to start making money quickly.

Wilcox’s email marketing method is fresh, simple and it’s effective. Her $9/month email marketing program is designed to create solid connections with your followers so they purchase. Wilcox created her membership for the price she wished she had “back in the day” of starting out. “Email literally changed my life”, says Wilcox. “It’s helped me break out of the poverty cycle and into a whole new world. I love that I can say that and that I can offer that for so many others.”

Wilcox was an RV blogger that realized she was really good at email so started a membership to give people who need content but have no idea what to write–a place to go for plug-and-play templates to use in any business, with a churn rate of 3.2% to boot. The members include a rabbi, nun, local businesses, online creators, SAAS, and all that’s in between.

Visit and sign up for an account when you’re ready to start sending out emails. Typical of Liz, she has simplified the process as much as possible for you. To save time, you can just use the emails she has previously written.

About Liz Wilcox: Liz Wilcox is the owner of Liz Wilcox LLC, a strategic marketing, and web design firm serving companies in the greater Orlando area. She has 6 years of experience in digital and email marketing for small- to mid-sized businesses. Before founding her own firm, Liz grew and sold her own blog and founded the world’s largest online RV event. 

Liz creates strategic digital content for companies targeting consumers as well as other businesses. Her passion for simplicity gives her a unique edge in the email marketing world, making her sought out by both “solopreneurs” and larger companies.

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