Forbes Riley, Jen Groover & Christine Blanchette Headline Inspirational ‘Women Who Rise’ Summit 

Vancouver, CANADA –  The Women Who Rise Summit, a groundbreaking event celebrating empowerment, courage, and innovation, is part of the 262 Summit Series, as a pre-launch to the release of Deb Drummond’s anthology, Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All. The pre-launch summit spans multiple weeks with each summit featuring different speakers, a celebrity panel, and women of gumption sharing their passion and mission. On March 27, 2024, renowned television personalities, Forbes Riley, Jen Groover, and Christine Blanchette joined Deb Drummond as the spotlight speakers, bringing a wealth of experience and inspiration to the forefront. The event celebrated advocacy for empowerment and personal growth, and electrified the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Alongside hosts Deb Drummond and Toni Caruso, other featured speakers include Dr. Theresa Ashby, Kim Dechaine, Dr. L. Imani Price, Rhonda Grant, Michelle Jewsbury, Barbara Franklin, Catharine O’Leary, Rowena List, and Alyssen Nguyen.

“We all have reasons for wanting to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up,” says organizer Deb Drummond. “This event is about celebrating GUMPTION in all its fashion and creating a space for women to encourage and be encouraged to take their next step in bravery.”

The series has garnered attention for its inclusivity and dedication to amplifying diverse voices. With a celebrity panel, engaging discussions, and opportunities for networking and growth, the 262 Summit Speaking Series has become a cornerstone event for women seeking empowerment and inspiration. Drummond, along with all the speakers and the women featured in the book, “Mission Accepted: 262 Women Creatives, Ultrapreneurs & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All” are hopeful their message will leave a lasting impact, empowering women to surpass existing boundaries and achieve their full potential. “With this book, we are about to make history. This book will be discussed for many years to come and will inspire and motivate women of all sectors to reach beyond what they already know. The circumstances are different, the scenarios may be different, and where we live and how we live might be different, but we all have our voice … one voice. When we speak up for ourselves, we speak up for our sisters worldwide, as well. Sisters that we may never even meet can feel it as each act of empowerment creates a vibration to the world and to the cosmos that quietly encourages all of us to take our next step in bravery.”

“This event will be discussed for many years to come,” says Drummond. “It’s about inspiring and motivating women of all sectors to reach beyond what they already know and to make history together.”

This unforgettable event celebrates empowerment, courage, and innovation. For more information and to register for this and upcoming events, visit

About Deb Drummond: Deb Drummond considers herself to be an Ultrapraneur. She is a pioneer in the world of natural health, creating seven companies in the field.  Deb is an award-winning business owner with achievements that have never been done before.  She is a leader in opening local and international markets. She has inspired, educated, and motivated audiences of 20,000 plus to stand on their feet.  A well-known radio host of the Mission Accepted podcast, Deb interviews dynamic Entrepreneurs, Ultraprenuers, Creatives, and Media Professionals who reveal personal life stories and secrets to the success of “making it” in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. In her private practice, Deb has worked with over 30,000 clients moving them to higher states of optimal health, wealth, and business. 

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