Best Woman Director Award Winner, Melinda Boyer, Announces Gala Red Carpet Movie Premier of Beyond Limitations at the Prestigious Regal Theater

Irvine, CA – From the director of the award-winning Beyond the Secret – The Awakening, comes the Gala Red Carpet Movie Premier of Beyond Limitations on February 10th, 2023 at the prestigious Regal Theater in Irvine Spectrum (500 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618).

Boyer’s previous film, Beyond the Secret – The Awakening, won 14 accolades, including Best Woman Director, and was nominated for the Gold Awards. The film was also a semi-finalist at Toronto’s Cyrus International Film Festival. 

In this fast pace cinematic documentary, award-winning film host, Don Boyer, goes on a massive journey to explore the limit of human potential, and more importantly, asks, is there a limit?

Beyond Limitations tracks the remarkable true stories of individuals who seem to defy all logic and natural laws of physics and prove that human beings can actually go “Beyond Limitations”.

Discover the secrets that allow ordinary people that do extraordinary things in life, health, business, and relationships. When life puts limitations on you, this documentary interviews those who went beyond those limitations.  

The film cast includes Don Boyer Narrator, Dr. John Sachtouras, Daniel Rechnitzer, Jeffrey Levine, Tony Dody DeGraaf, Sonja Rechnitzer, Sir Dr. James Dentley, Kristen Connell (Founder of The Rewired Mind), Lady JB Owen, Lou Corona (Founder of Puradyme), Carl “The Moon” Runefelt, Daniel Gomez, Paul Finck, and Julian Valderrama. 

For more information about the upcoming screening of Beyond Limitations visit the official website at

About Melinda Boyer: Belief is quite possibly the most powerful tool to ever exist. Melinda Boyer knows that better than most. It was the early understanding and implementation of this mindset that led Melinda to where she is in her career today; an international speaker, author, and award-winning director.

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