Angel Tuccy Creates an Online Media Group for Finding Guests and Getting Booked on Podcasts & Stages

Orlando, FL – Media Specialist, Angel Tuccy, has created an online social media group called Need A Guest™, praised as the best online group for finding guests and getting booked on podcasts, stages, and media. The group has grown to over 17,000 members in 2 years. 

Tuccy draws on her extensive experience in broadcasting and networking to provide a practical space where journalists and podcasters can find quality guests for their programs. “Need A Guest™” has turned into a great resource for storytellers to share their experiences and wisdom on podcasts and stages. In the last month, over 2,000 new people have joined the group, with over 4700 posts and comments, and more than 59,000 views. 

One of the reasons “Need A Guest™” is so popular is they only allow two types of posts on the site. Journalists and podcasters can place a request using the hashtag #NeedAGuest, and those looking for interview opportunities can introduce themselves using the hashtag #BeAGuest. All other posts are removed, keeping the site clean and practical. 

Coming up in August, Need A Guest™ will host their first in-person media event in Denver, CO, inviting journalists and podcasters, and guests together to meet the press and pitch to the press. The Media Podcast Summit will be added to the 3-Day Media Mastery Bootcamp that Tuccy holds each year in Dallas, Denver, and Orlando.

“I’m proud of the environment we’ve created, where everyone who has a story to share feels valued and can contribute,” said Tuccy. “By sharing their stories, we empower others and create a culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration.”

Need A Guest™ is a free Facebook group for anyone looking for guests, or who wants to be interviewed as a guest.

About Angel Tuccy: Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, Best Selling Author & PR Media Specialist. Angel was awarded “Most Influential Woman of The Year”, “Best Morning Talk Show” and “Best Talk Show Team”. She’s been featured on the cover of Lemonade Legend magazine, shares stages with top influencers, and is a best-selling author of 15 published books. Angel’s most recent book, “Get Discovered” is a how-to example for creating media exposure in less than 90 days. Her unique approach to media is why her clients call her the Media Matchmaker.

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