A Dynamic Duo: Need A Guest’s Power Partnership

Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson, the hosts behind the Need a Guest podcast network, had only interacted virtually for a year before finally meeting face-to-face for the first time.

Orlando, FL – In the expanding industry of podcasting, where voices from all corners of the globe converge to share stories, insights, and expertise, Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson have carved out a unique space as the driving force behind the Need a Guest podcast network. Their journey from online acquaintances to dynamic business partners is a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless opportunities of the digital age.

Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson’s partnership is a story of serendipity, fueled by a shared passion for connecting people and ideas. Atkinson was a networking member of Tuccy’s Facebook group when he reached out to help her expand. Their virtual encounter blossomed into a partnership, shaping the future of podcasting for the now 31,000 members inside the group.

After working together for over a year, only connecting online between Costa Rica and Florida, their first face-to-face meeting occurred in the vibrant city of Orlando, amidst the bustling atmosphere of Podfest—an annual gathering that serves as a melting pot for podcasters, enthusiasts, and industry experts. For Angel and Jamie, Podfest was not just another networking event; it was the culmination of months of collaboration and the dawn of a new chapter in their professional journey.

Angel Tuccy, a seasoned radio host and bestselling author, brings a wealth of experience in broadcasting and media to the table. Her innate ability to engage audiences and her knack for bringing people together have been instrumental in Need a Guest’s success. With a finger on the pulse of the entrepreneur community, Angel ensures that Need a Guest remains at the forefront of podcast hosts, consistently delivering high-quality guests that resonate with listeners.

Business partner, Jamie Atkinson, a serial entrepreneur with a superpower of sales, marketing, and, copywriting, injects a fresh perspective and innovative strategies into the mix. His entrepreneurial spirit and digital marketing expertise have propelled Need a Guest to new heights, expanding its reach and influence across various platforms. Jamie’s visionary approach to podcasting has positioned Need a Guest as more than just a network—it’s a thriving community where creators and guests converge to elevate and expand. 

Together, Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson form a powerful team, united by their shared vision of empowering voices and fostering meaningful connections through podcasting. Their complementary skill sets and unwavering dedication to serving the podcast community have solidified Need a Guest’s reputation as a premier destination for podcasters seeking collaboration and exposure.

Through the Need a Guest Facebook group, Tuccy and Atkinson have created a platform where creators can thrive, guests can shine, and listeners can discover new perspectives—all while forging lasting connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

As they continue to chart new territories and redefine the podcasting landscape, Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and the transformative power of podcasts. With their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering passion, they inspire countless others to embark on their podcasting journey, knowing that with the right partners by their side, anything is possible.

About NeedAGuest: 

Need a Guest is a community for podcasters and guests to connect and get booked on more podcasts. The group is run by Angel Tuccy and Jamie Atkinson, founders of Media Firestorm. Media Firestorm is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners generate more traffic, leads, and clients by consistently getting booked on top podcasts.

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